Earn money by displaying ads on your website

Another way of making income from your site is by displaying ads on it.There are several companies which provide Ads to display on your website. But, the best & most popular one is provided by Google. It is called ‘AdSense‘.

What is adsense You must see.

After you place ads on your website, Google will pay you whenever a user clicks on the ad displayed.

Many people recommend starting a blog to earn money from adsense.
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A blog is a website which is updated regularly. The owner of the blog posts new articles every few days.

Blogging is great but, if you start a blog on a broad subject, it can take too much time to earn good income through ads because there are already too many blogs on that topic.

So, you need to target your blog to a small market (niche). You must focus only on that.
You must see before start your new site or blog
How to start my first blog?
Some popular examples of niche are Healthy Cooking, Weight Loss Diet, 6-pack abs, etc.
No matter which niche you select, your goal must be to help people in some way or the other.

Other ways of make money from home like affiliate market,eCommerce affiliate,ClickBank,Offline typing work,,Online typing work,Advertising,PTC site also given some pocket money you can earn at home.
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