How to start my first blog?

Starting a blog can be confusing. When I started my first blog before five years ago, didn’t know a THING about blogs or blogging.

I kept looking through Google for help, but all the guides I found were too technical and difficult to follow.If you don.t know any one things so,go with google and search with "How"Extension I think you can definitely find these things.

That’s why I wrote this guide. I’ve now managed over 10 different blogs, some with over 100,000 visitors, and I always wanted to help beginners (like I used to be) do the same by giving them a super easy guide that I wish I had when I started.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to start a blog, including:
  • Finding a blog topic (in case you don’t have one yet)
  • Setting up and mapping a blog on your own custom domain name (like
  • Choosing a blog layout/theme (with a design )
  • Getting more visitors and couple of ways to monetize your blog

Every person confuse how to start new blog and which topic i choose.So  I’m here to help you.
I won’t be able to set up a blog for you, but I can do my best to answer your blogging related questions.

If you are still hesitating, I suggest you read my article titled 5 EASY IDEAS TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET

Finding a Perfect blog Topic

If you beginners for this field so choose your interest topic otherwise you may be your study related topic.Why choose this type of topic?Because you have a command on your study related topic like, you are studied in health related program so you definitely choose" health tips",If you are studied in technical field like Engineers so you can choose "Tech blog" Topic.So this is easy way to choose best topic for your blog and you have also knowledge about this.

So think just one thing" What am I an expert in?"

First Thing Setup your goal Making Money?  your expertise?  What You learn from study?  Sharing your Entire life Experience .These are main startup things for success in blogging field.

When i started my first blog before 5 years  I just wanted to write about smartphones and tech gadgets,I have a knowledge about this filed but i m not belonging from tech filed but it's my interest and knowledge.

Finding The Best Platform

Hmmmm You think What is platform?Okay!!!....i just say platform means " hosting your blog in the world."So you need specific platform which is you write your blog post.

What platform do most people use?

I think Wordpress platform is widely used in blogging field.But You think Why i choose Blogspot ?
I have also blogs in wordpress platform But i like this blogspot platform.

Most of the blogs on the internet are made with WordPress .so,wordpress is strong compare to others.

I’ve tried dozens of different platforms out there, and…

I strongly recommend you use WordPress for your blog. Here’s why:
  • It’s the easiest platform for beginners
  • You can choose from thousands of awesome-looking templates and themes
  • You can categorise your blog posts and create custom menus without knowing any code
  • There are tons of awesome plugins you can install with one click that add features like newsletter signups, photo galleries and more
  • Whenever you need help, there’s a HUGE community of bloggers and developers on WordPress who are happy to share

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